Break Even Calculator

Fixed Business Costs
Variable Unit Costs
Sales Price per Unit
Break Even Units  =  350
Total Cost or Revenue  =  24500
Total Variable Costs      =  17500
Average Cost per Unit  =  70

Break-Even Calculator

Break Even Calculator
uses fixed business costs (e.g., salary, rent, building machinery), vari- able unit costs, and sales price per unit to calculate the number of units needed to sell to break- even. We can also adjust price-points and recompute the needed sales volumes at different prices. Simply enter fixed business costs, variable unit costs, and sales price.
Using this calculator, we will understand a method of how to balance fixed costs with gross profit.

It is necessary to follow the next steps:
  • Enter the fixed business costs. The value must be positive;
  • Enter the variable unit costs. The value must be positive;
  • Enter the sales price per unit. This value should be greater than the value of the variable unit costs;
  • Press the ”Calculate” button to make the computation;

Break-Even Units Formula:
The break-even units is determined by the following formula
Break-even quantity = Fixed costsSales price per unit − Variable cost per unit
Total Revenue Formula:
Total revenue is
Total Revenue = Sales Price per Unit × Break-even quantity
Total Variable Costs Formula:
Total variable costs is
Total Variable Costs = Variable Unit Costs × Break-even quantity
Average Cost per Unit Formula:
The average cost per unit is
Break even quantity = Total Revenue × Break-even quantity
where fixed costs are costs that do not change with varying output, sales price per unit is the selling price (unit selling price) per unit, and variable cost per unit is the variable costs incurred to create a unit.

What is Break-Even?
    Break-even calculator makes break-even analysis fast and easy. It is very useful because it helps the business find out how many units need to be sold to cover the business costs. This value is called the break even point. The break-even point allows a company to know when it, or one of its products, will start to be profitable. If a business’s revenue is below the break even point, i.e. if the value of the sales price per unit is less than the value of the variable unit costs, then the company is operating at a loss. If it’s above, then it’s operating at a profit.

How to calculate Break-Even Point?
    We want to find out how much we make on every unit. For instance, assume that we havespent $7000 for our business. If we buy a unit for $50 and sell for $70, our profit per item is $20. By dividing fixed costs by the profit on every unit, we obtain how many units need to sell, $7000 / $20 = 350 units. Total cost or revenue and total variable costs are: 350 × $70 = $24,500,and 350 × $50 = $17,500, respectively.
    The Break Even Calculator and example calculation (work with steps) would be very usefulfor every company (or person) to understand how changes in costs (both variable and fixed).The results obtained with the calculator would also help to analyze financial needs.