Worksheet for Polynomial Subtraction

This worksheet help you to understand how to perform subtraction between two set of given polynomials. The polynomial term is in the form of
aX5 + bX4 + cX3 + dX2 + eX1 + f .

In polynomial subtraction
1. The coefficient term of same degree should be subtracted
2. Put zero if there is any degree of absence

Find the resulting polynomial for the given two polynomial,
Eq1 =6X5 + 5X4 + 4X3 + 3X2 + 2X1 + 1
Eq2 = 1X5 + 2X4 + 3X3 + 4X2 + 5X1 + 6
The final result is ,
Eq = (6-1)X5 + (5-2)X4 + (4-3)X3 + (3-4)X2 + (2-5)X1 + (1-6)
= 5X5 + 3X4 + 1X3 - 1X2 - 3X - 5

The resulting polynomial is
5X5 + 3X4 + 1X3 - 1X2 - 3X - 5

When you try such calculations on your own, this polynomial subtraction calculator can be used to verify your results of calculations.

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