Statistics Formulas Cheat Sheet

The purpose of this Statistics Formula Cheat sheet is to supply a collection of statistics formulas which will be useful for researchers and students in the field of statistics, probability, mathematics, science, engineering and other fields. The formulas are covered from the basics to advanced is for your easy reference. The calculators associated with links assist you to proper understanding and application of the formulas

Statistic TermFormulas
Arithmetic MeanArithmetic mean Formula
Standard DeviationStandard Deviation Formula
VarianceSD Variance Formula
Correlation CoefficientCorrelation Coefficient Calculator
Coefficient of varianceCV = Standard Deviation (σ) / Mean
Geometric MeanGeometric Formula
Weighted MeanWeighted Mean Formula
Harmonic MeanHarmonic Mean Formual
Standard ErrorStandard Error Formula
Group Arithmetic MeanGroup Arithmetic Formula
Skewness FormulaSkewness Calculation Formula
Mean Absolute DeviationMean Absolute Deviation Formula
PermutationnPr = n!/(n-r)!
CombinationnCr = n!/(r!(n-r)!)
Z ScoreZ Score Formula
Normal DistributionNormal Distribution Formula
Binomial Distribution
Poisson Distribution CalculatorPoisson Distribution Formula
Hypergeometric distributionHypergeometric distribution Formula
Weibull DistributionWeibull Distribution formula
Exponential DistributionExponential Distribution formula