Worksheet to Calculate Sphere Volume & Surface Area

The Sphere is a three-dimensional analogue of a circle. This worksheet help you to understand how to calculate sphere volume and surface area.

sphere volume formula:
Sphere Volume = (4/3) π r3

sphere surface area formula:
Square Surface Area = 4 π r2

Example problem:
Calculate the Area & volume of the Sphere whose Radius is 5

Sphere Volume = (4/3) π r3
= (4/3) x 3.14 x 53
= 523.8095

Sphere Surface Area = 4 x3.14 x 52
= 314.2857

The area & volume of the sphere is 314.2857 & 523.8095

When you try such calculations on your own, this sphere calculator can be used to verify the results of your calculations.