Normal Distribution Practice Problems

Normal distribution generally used to estimate the errors in huge observations. Solving these below set of practice problems help you to understand the normal distribution calculation. The results of your calculations can be easily verified by using this normal distribution calculator

Practice Problems:
1. Find the probability that the standard normal variate lies between 0 to 0.5
2. Find the area that the standard normal variate lies between -1.56 and 0
3. Find the area to the right of Z=0.25
5. Find the area the the left of Z=1.96
6. Given a normal distribution with µ =50 and σ = 8 Find the probability that X assumes a value between 32 and 62
7. The customer accounts of a certain departmental store have an average balance of USD 120. and a standard deviation of USD 40. Assuming that the account balances are normally distributed Find
i) what proportion of accounts is over USD 150
ii) What proportion of accounts is between USD 100 and USD 150
iii) What proportion of accounts is between USD 60 and USD 90

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