Linear Interpolation Worksheet with Example

This worksheet help you to understand how to calculate Linear Interpolation. The unknown value which lies between the two known rates/ points can be calculated by linear interpolation.

The below formula is used to
Lets consider (x1,y1), (x3, y3) are two points to find the value of the point x2 or y2

Linear Interpolation Formulas to find unknown:
To find y2,
To find x2,

To findout the value of X2 we must know the value of y2; to find y2 we must know the value of x2

Linear Interpolation Example:
x1 =1 x2 =2 x3 = 3
y1 = 4 y2 = ? y3 = 6
The formula to find y2 is,
y2=(2 - 1)*(6 - 4)/(3 - 1) + 4
y2 = 2/2 + 4
y2 = 5

Hence the unknown point Value is 5

When you try such calculations on your own, this linear interpolation calculator can be used to verify your results.

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