How to Calculate Kite Area

This worksheet will help you to know about concept of Kite. It is used to calculate area of the Kite by using the diagonal length values of D1 and D2. The Kite is a quadrilateral with two disjoint pairs of congruent adjacent sides, in contrast to a parallelogram, where the sides of equal length are opposite. Kite is also known as Deltoid. The formula used to calculate area of the Kite is,
Kite Area Formula & Calculation
Kite Area Formula
Kite Area = (1/2) D1 D2

For Example
Find the area of the kite whose diagonals are 3 & 5.
Kite Area = (1/2) D1 D2
= (1/2) x 3 x 5
= 7.5
Hence the volume of the Kite is 7.5

When it comes to online calculator this Kite Area Calculator make the calculation easy

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