Worksheet for Vector Subtraction

This worksheet help you to understand how to perform vector subtraction. Let the two vectors be A, B and C is the resultant vector. The inputs are in the i j k format. The difference is written as C = A - B.
A vector can be specified either by its magnitude and direction or by its components. The subtraction of two vectors "A" and "B" can be derived from the formula
A - B = A + (-B)

If A = B then A - B is zero vector also called as Null Vector and is represented by the symbol o.

The properties of the Zero Vector are
A + 0 = A and A = (-A) = 0.
This vector has direction opposite to that of vector a but has the same magnitude; it is denoted by -A

Example problem:
Perform the vector subtraction whose input values are
A =4i+5j+6k
B = 1i+2j+3k
The resultant vector is C,
C = A - B
C = (4-1)i+(5-2)j+(6-3k
C = 3i+3j+3k
The resultant vector is C = 3i + 3j + 3k

When you try such calculations on your own, this vector subtraction calculator can be used to verify the results of your calculations.

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