Worksheet for Decimal to Binary Conversion

This worksheet help you to understand how to perform decimal to binary conversion. It is used to perform Decimal to Binary Conversion. As we know the binary values are with 0's & 1,s. Hence its base value is 2.

Decimal to Binary conversion:
Follow the below steps for the conversion
Step1: If the number is odd , write 1 on the right corner (or) it is even means write 0.
Step2: Then divide the number by 2. If the answer is in decimal point (Eg; 4.5) ignore the fraction value (ie. 4)
Step3: Continue the step 1 & 2 until end up with 1.
Step4: Note the final binary value from bottom to up.

Refer the below example to convert decimal number 75 to its binary value,

decimal to binary conversion
10010112 is the binary equivalent.

When you try to perform such conversions, this decimal to binary converter can be used to verify your results of calculations.