Worksheet for Vector Cross product Calculation

The concept of the vector cross product is used to describe the product of physical quantities which have both a magnitude and a direction. The Cross Product is the Product of two vectors A and B. This vector multiplication is also known as vector products and denoted by A x B. It is a vector with magnitude. This worksheet help you to know understand how to perform vector cross product.

Properties of Vector
The vector product obeys the following properties
1. Not commutative Law A x B = -B x A
2. The Distributive Law A x (B + C) = (A x B) + (A x C)
3. A (B x C) = B x (CA)
4. B x C = o; if and only if B and C are parallel and not equal to o
The vector is in ijk format. That means A = a1i+b1j+c1k and B = a2i+b2j+c2k. The co-efficient of i, j and k are added separately and form the C = a3i+b3j+c3k.

Example problem:
Perform the vector Cross Product whose inputs are
A = 1i+2j+3k
B = 4i+5j+6k
Then the resultant vector, C = A x B
C = (2x6-3x5)i+(3x4-1x6)j+(1x5-2x4)k
C = -3i+6j-3k

The Resultant Vector is -3i+6j-3k

When you try such calculations on your own, this vector cross product calculator can be used to verify the results of your calculations.

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