Math Worksheet to calculate Polynomial Addition

This is the worksheet for understanding how to perform polynomial addition between two polynomial equations. A polynomial is a single term or a sum of terms containing variables with whole number exponents. A polynomial is written in descending order if the terms are written from highest degree to lowest degree. The polynomial term is in the form of aX5 + bX4 + cX3 + dX2 + eX + f . The polynomial addition is very simple, the coefficient term are same degree is added .In the absence of any degree is mark as 0. Polynomial addition is just like normal addition
Eq1 = X5 + 2X4+ 3X3 + 4X2 + 5X + 6
Eq2 = 6X5 + 5X4 + 0X3 + 3X2 + 2X + 1
In order to find Eq1+Eq2
Eq1+Eq2=> (1+6)X 5 + (2+5) X 4 + (3+0) X 3 + (4+3) X 2 + (5+2) X 1+(6+1)
The final result is ,
Eq1+Eq2 => 7X5 + 7X4 + 3X3 + 7X2 + 7X + 7
Above worksheet is a walk through to understand polynomial addition. When it comes to online calculation, this Polynomial Addition Calculator is an essential math tool to make your calculation easy.

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