Worksheet for how to Calculate Antilog

Antilog is the inverse log function of logarithm function, used to calculate Inverse Log values with respect to the base values. Antilog is also known as Inverse logarithm.

For Base 10 : y = antilog x = 10x
For Base 2 : y = antilog x = 2x
For Base e : y = antilog x = ex
It is very easy to calculate antilog of natural number but for fractional number is difficult. Those value can be calculated using Anti-logarithm table. The below example can help you to find out the exact antilog for the given number. Since Log and antilog are inverse functions, then this means that
10Log x = x, and Log 10x = x
For Examples:
For Base 10 : y = antilog 5 = 105 = 100000
For Base 2 : y = antilog 5 = 25 = 32
For Base e : y = antilog 5 = e5 = 148.4132

Calculating Antilog value for Fractional number
antilog10(1.32)= antilog10(1+0.32)
= antilog10(1) x antilog10(0.32)
= 101 x 2.089
= 10 x 2.0890
= 20.89
Above worksheet is a walk through to understand how to calculate antilog value for the given number.
The online Antilog calculator is used to calculate antilog/ inverse logarithm for any given number.

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