Heron Formula for Area of Triangle

This worksheet will help you to know about concept of Heron's Triangle. It is used to find out the Total Triangle Area by using heron's formula with respect to the given values of inputs a, b and c. The formula used to calculate area & perimeter of Heron's triangle is,

Heron's Formula:
Heron's Triangle Area Heron's Formula for Triangle Area
Triangle Semi Perimeter Heron's Formula for Triangle Semi Perimeter

Heron's Formula Example:
Find area & perimeter of Heron's triangle whose a = 3, b = 5, c = 7
Formula for area is,
A = 1/4√[(32 + 52 + 72) - 2(34 + 54 + 74)]
A = 6.4952

Formula to find perimeter is,
S = (3 + 5 + 7)/2
= 7.5

When you try such calculations on your own, use this heron's triangle area calculator to verify your results.

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