Fraction Comparison Worksheet

This worksheet may help you to know about how to compare fraction numbers. Here we compare two fractions and to explain which one is higher by showing the output of the fraction values in decimal values. Let as consider two fractions as A & B. Each fraction consists of Numerator & Denominator.

Fraction Number Comparison Example:
Compare the fraction values whose inputs are A = 2 / 10 & B = 3 / 5
Now find the Decimal equivalent value for the fraction number. You can calculate it using Decimal to Fraction Converter
Fraction value of A = 2/10 = 0.2
Fraction value of B = 3/5 = 0.6
When we compare these two inputs 2 / 10 is less than 3 / 5.

The above worksheet is a walk through to understand the concept of fraction number comparison. When you try such calculation on your own, use this fraction comparison calculator to verify your results.

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