Distance Between two Points Worksheet

This worksheet helps you to understand how to perform the distance between two points calculation. The exact distance between the two given points can be calculated by using this below formula

Distance / Length between two Points Formula
Length Between two Points Formula
(x1, y1) and (x2, y2) are the coordinates of XY plane.

Find the distance between two points whose coordinates are,
coordinates (X1,Y1) = (1,2)
Coordinates (X2,Y2) = (3,4)
We know the distance formula is,
d = √(X2-X1)2+Y2-Y1)2
= √((3-1)2+(4-2)2)
= √(4+4)
= √(8)
= 2.8284271247461903
= 2.8284
Hence the distance between two given points are 2.8284

When you try these calculations on your own, use distance between two points calculator to verify your results.

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