Decimal to Fraction Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to know about concept of Decimal to Fraction Conversion. Decimal number which is separated by the period (.) is known as Fraction number.
Look at the below numbers you will understand what is decimal number and fraction number
1.232 is decimal number
3/2 is a fractional number.
Here we calculating the equivalent fraction value for given decimal value

Decimal to Fraction Example Problem:
Calculate the fraction value for the given values:
Numerator = 12
Denominator = 100
Fractional value = 12/100
The required fractional value is 8.33333
Numerator = 4096
Denominator = 8090
Fractional value = 4096/8090
The required fractional value is 1.9751

When try these calculations on your own, use this decimal to fraction calculator or fraction to decimal calculator to verify your answers.