Worksheet for Complex Number Addition & Subtraction

A complex number is a type of number consist of real part and imaginary and is represented by a + bi, where a is a real part and b is a imaginary part. The Real and Imaginary part of the number are denoted by Re(z) and Im(z) respectively. In complex addition, Real part is added to real part and imaginary part is added to imaginary part. This below worksheet help you to understand how to perform complex number calculations.

Complex Number Addition Example:
Calculate Complex Addition whose input values are X = 1 + 2i, Y = 3 + 4i

Z = (1 + 2i) + (3 + 4i)
= (1+3) + (2i + 4i)
Z = 4 + 6i
The resultant complex value is 4 + 6i

Complex Number Subtraction:
In complex number subtraction, a simple subtraction operation is performed. Real part is subtracted from real part and imaginary part is subtracted from imaginary part.

Perform the complex Subtraction whose inputs are X =3 + 4i & Y = 1 + 2i

Z = (3 + 4i) - (1 + 2i )
= (3-1) + (4i - 2i)
Z = 2 + 2i
The resultant complex value is 2 + 2i

When you try such calculations on your own, these complex number addition calculator & complex number subtraction calculator can be used to verify your results of calculations.