Centroid of a Triangle Worksheet

This worksheet help you to understand how to calculate centroid triangle co-ordinates. The centroid is similar to mean, it is an average of the coordinates of the three triangle corners. Then the formula for finding the centroid triangle between any three points as follows,

Centroid of Triangle Formula
Centroid Triangle Formula = Centroid of Triangle Formula

Centroid of Triangle Example
Coordinates (X1,Y1) = (1,2)
Coordinates (X2,Y2) = (3,4)
Coordinates (X3,Y3) = (5,6)
Centroid = ((x1+x2+x3)/3,(y1+y2+x3)/3)
= ((1+3+5)/3,(2+4+6)/3)
= (9/3,12/3)
= (3,4)
= (3,4)
Hence the required Centroid Value is (3,4)

When you try this calculation on your own, use this Centroid of Triangle Calculator to verify your answers.

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