How to Calculate Barrel Volume

This worksheet will help you to know about Barrel Volume Calculation. It is used to find out find out How much liters or Gallons a Barrel will accommodate for the given Barrel size. Barrels are mostly used for oil storage. It has two different radius one at top & bottom and other at the middle. The formula used to calculate volume of the barrels is,
Barrel Volume = (1/12) π h (2 D2 + d2)

For Example
Find the volume of barrel whose top & bottom radius is 5, middle radius is 7 & height is 9.
Barrel Volume = (1/12) π h (2 D2 + d2)
= (1/12) x 3.14 x 9 x (2 x 72 + 52)
= 289.9286

The final result is in inches. To convert it into Gallon multiple value by 0.004328993
289.9286 inches = 289.9286 x 0.004328993
=1.2550988798998 Gallon

To convert into liter multiply the gallon by 3.78541178
1.2550988798998 Gallon = 1.2550988798998 x 3.78541178
=4.7511 Liter

When its come to online calculation this Barrel Volume Calculator is an essential tool.