Area of Irregular Shapes Worksheet

This worksheet hep you to understand how to calculate the area of the irregular shapes. The irregular shapes area can't be calculated directly because there is no separate formula for irregular shapes, so the irregular shape must be converted into possible standard shapes such as rectangle, semi-circle, etc. Calculating the area for all of the possible shapes and adding them will give you area of irregular shape.

Area of Irregular Shapes Example
Calculate the area of the following figure.
Worksheet to Find Area of Irregular Shapes

step1: Convert the irregular shapes into possible standard regular shapes.
Find Area of Irregular Shapes Example

From the above Image
Area of the Triangle:
Height = 4
Base = 4
Area of the Triangle = ½(BxH)
= 4x4/2
= 8
Area of Rectangle 1:
Length = 12
Breadth = 4
Area of Rectangle = LxB
= 12x4
= 48

Area of Rectangle 2:
Length = 4+6+5 = 15
Breadth = 6
Area of Rectangle = LxB
= 15x6
= 90.

Area of Rectangle 3:
Length = 5
Breadth = 4
Area of Rectangle = LxB
= 5x4
= 20.

Area of the given figure = Area of Triangle + Area of Rectangle 1 + Area of Rectangle 2 + Area of Rectangle 3
= 8 + 48 + 90 + 20
= 166

Hence the required Area of the given figure is 166.

When it comes to calculation, you can use this area volume calculators to find area of separate shapes.

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