How to Calculate Acreage

This worksheet will help you to know about Acreage Calculations and conversions. It is used to find out the Total Acreage of the given field values of Length and Breadth. Then you convert into various measures. The formula used is,
Acreage = Length x Breadth
1 Acre = 4840 Square Yards
1 Acre = 43560 Square Feet
1 Acre = 4046.8564 Square Meters
For Example
Find the acreage whose length and breadth is 396 & 440 inches

In Inches
Acreage = Length x Breadth
= 396 x 440
= 174240 inches

In Feet
The given input is in inches hence the input is divided by 12.
Acreage = Length x Breadth
= (396/12) x (440/12)
= 1210 Feet

In Yards
To Convert Feet to Yards is simply divide the feet by 9.
Acreage = 1210 Feet
= 1210/9
= 134.4444 Yards.

In Acreage
To convert Yards to Acreage, divide Acreage by 4840.
Total Acreage = 134.44444/4840
= 0.02778

When it comes to online calculation this Acreage Calculator is an essential tool to make the calculation easy.

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