Probability and Statistics Formulas

Standard Deviation Formula formulas to estimate sample standard deviation
Population Standard Deviation Mean Formula formula to find mean
Population Standard Deviation Formula formula to estimate population standard deviation for entire samples
Population Standard Deviation Variance Formula formula to estimate psd variance
Coefficient of Variance Formula formula to find coefficient of variation
Z-score Formula formula to find the Z-score of a population member
Correlation Coefficient Formula formulas to calculate pearson correlation coefficient
Grouped Data Standard Deviation Formula formula to find mean, standard deviation & variance for frequency distribution table data
formula to find the factorial of a given number n!
Permutation & Combination Formula formula to find different number of permutations nPr & combinations nCr
Standard Error Formula formula to estimate standard error (SE) of mean (SEM)
Geometric Mean Formula formula to find Geometric mean
Mean Value Formula formula to calculate sample or population mean
Effect of Size Formula formula to calculate effect of size
Harmonic Mean Formula formula to calculate Harmonic Mean
Weighted Mean Formula formula to calculate Weighted Mean
Root Mean Square Formula formula to calculate RMS or Quadratic Mean or Root Mean Square
Group Arithmetic Mean Formula Group Arithmetic Mean Formula
Skewness Formula formula to calculate skewness of random variables
Gaussian Distribution Formula formula to calculate Normal or Gaussian distribution
Binomial Distribution Formula formula to estimate the probability of number of success or failure
R Squared Formula formula to calcuate R^2 or R Squared to predict future outcome
Covariance Formula covariance formula to find the linear dependency between two data sets
Poisson Distribution Formula poisson distribution formula
Hypergeometric Distribution Formula Hypergeometric distribution formula to find number of success
Class Interval Arithmetic Mean Formula Class Interval Arithmetic Mean Interval Formula
f-Test Formula F-Test Formula
t-Test Formula T-Test Formula to calculate differences between means of two samples
Beta Function Formula Euler Integral Formula for Beta Function
Digamma Function Formula formula to calculate logarithmic derivative of Gamma function
Weibull Distribution Formula Weibull Distribution formula to perform failure analysis
Exponential Distribution Formula exponential distribution formula to analyse the behavior of units
formula to estimate margin of error
formula to determine sample size from margin of error ME
Confidence Interval Formula formula to estimate confidence interval of a data set
Mean Absolute Deviation Formula formula to calculate mean absolute deviation of an element of a data set
Cumulative Poisson Distribution Formula formula to estimate the distribution of random variable with in a certain range
Error Function Formula Error function formula to estimate relative precision of an approximation
Statistical Data Range Formula formula to find statistical data range

Probability and Statistics Formulas Reference

Probability and statistics formulas reference is the collection basic equations for the study of data distribution, probability and how to design and test the statistical experiments. It's the statistics & probability functions cheatsheet contains the list of important formulas which are being used to collect, analyze, organize and summarize the data in the descriptive and inferential statistics to draw conclusions about the probability of potential events and the underlying mechanics of complex systems.