Environmental Formuals

formula to calculate Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
formula to measure the maximum ground level emission concentration
formula to measure the amount of BOD exerted at time t
formula to measure dependence of the bacteria growth rate on the substrate concentration
Streeter-Phelps equation to measure dissolved oxygen decrease or deficit in a stream
formula to fuel utilization or combustion efficiency calculation
formula for hazardous emission rate to air calculation
formula to calculate cyclone fractional particle collection efficiency
formula to calculate approximate effective number of turns of cyclone
Deutsch-Anderson equation to measure the performance of electrostatic precipitators
formula to calculate the breakthrough time for leachate to penetrate a clay liner
formula to calculate exponential population growth at time T
formula to calculate linear population growth at time T
formula to calculate Retardation Factor R<sub>f</sub>

Environmental Science Formulas Reference

Environmental science formulas reference is the collection basic equations for the study of air pollution, water pollution, waste management, waste collection, population projection etc. This formulas cheatsheet is useful to know what are all the basic components used in the each functions of environmental engineering.