Combustion Efficiency (CE) Calculator

CO2 - Dry column concentration of CO2 (ppmv)
CO - Dry column concentration of CO (ppmv)
CE  =  83.3333
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Combustion efficiency (CE) calculator - formula & step by step calculation to measure how efficiently the fuel is being burned or utilized in the combustion process. The heat losses of both stack (chimney) & moisture loss would be taken into consideration to find the efficiency of the combustion process. CE = [CO2/(CO2 + CO)] x 100. The dry volume concentration of CO2 in PPMv (Parts per Million for Volume) & the dry volume concentration of CO in PPMv (Parts per Million for Volume) are the key elements of this calculation. The higher or lower temperature in stack & gas indicates that the lower & higher efficiency of the process respectively.

Formula for Combustion Efficiency
In environmental engineering, the below mathematical formula is used to calculate the fuel utilization efficiency of the heat transfer process. The step by step calculation for each set of inputs let users to understand how to perform such combustion efficiency calculations manually.

formula to fuel utilization or combustion efficiency calculation

In the field of environmental engineering, while working with heat transfer, sometimes it's important to analyse the heat losses. The above formula & step by step calculation may useful for users to understand how the values are being used in the CE formula, however, when it comes to online for quick calculations, this combustion efficieny calculator helps the user to perform & verify such calculations as quick & easy as possible.