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Percentage Calculation

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Percentage Calculator is a mathematical tool used in number conversion to calculate the percentage of a given quantity relative to whole number of quantity. A percentage is a way of expressing any quantity as a fraction of 100 to a whole and it is represented by the symbol %. The simplest way to calculate percentage is to divide the given number by the relative total number and then multiplying the answer by 100 will gives the percentage. The percentage of a relative quantity can be mathematically derived from the below formula
Percentage Formula & Calculation

For example if a student scores 50 out of 100 in mathematics the percentage of his marks can be calculated by dividing 50 by 100 which comes to be 0.5 and then multiplying it by 100 will gives the percentage of his marks in math which is 50%. Percentage calculator is used in various applications where one required to calculating the percentage; provides you the answers for questions What is X percentage of Y? and X is what percentage of Y? When it comes to online calculation, this Percentage Calculator can assist you to determine how much percent of a given number relative to the whole