Point Slope Form Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to know about concept of Point Slope. The point slope is defined as difference in the y coordinate between two points (y - y1) on a line is proportional to the difference in the x coordinate points (x - x1).The formula for finding the point slope form between any two points as follows

Formula for Point Slope Form Equation

Point Slope Form (y - y1) = m(x - x1)
m = the point slope of the line
(x1, y1) = the coordinates of a known point on the line.

Point Slope Form Example

Coordinates (X1,Y1) = (1,2)
Slope (M) = 3
(y-y1) = m(x-x1)
(y-2) = 3(x-1)
Y = 3x-3+2
Y = 3x-1
Hence the required Point Slope is Answer 3x y - 1=0

The above worksheet is a walk through to understand the concept of Point Slope Form. When it comes to onlin calculation this Point Slope Form Calculator
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