Permutations and Combinations Worksheet

This worksheet may help you to know about the Permutation & Combination.

Worksheet for Permutation

The number of arrangements that can be made out of n things taking r at a time is called the number of permutations of n things taken r at a time.
1. npr = n (n - 1) (n - 2).(n - (r - 1))
2. npr = n! / (n - r)!
3. npn = n!
4. np0 = 1
5. The number of mutually distinguishable permutations of n things, taken all at a time, of which p are alike of one kind, q alike of second kind such that p + q = n is n! /p!q!
6. The number of circular permutations of n distinct objects is (n - 1)!
7. If there are n things and if the direction is not taken into consideration, the number of circular permutation is (n - 1)! /2

Worksheet for Combination

A selection of any r things out of n things is called Combination of n things r at a time.
1. nCr = n! /r!(n - r)!
2. nCr = nPr /r!
3. nCn = 1
4. nC0 = 1
5. nCr = nCn - r
6. If x and y are non-negative integers such that x + y = n then nCx = nCy .
7. If n and r are positive integers such that r <= n, then nCr + nCn - r = n + 1Cr .
8. If n and r are positive integers such that 1 <= r <= n, then nCr = (n / r) (n - 1)C(r - 1)
9. For any positive integers x and y nCx = nCy => x = y (or) x + y = n.

Difference between Permutation and combination

1. In a combination only selection is made whereas in a permutation not only a selection is made but also as arrangement in a definite order is considered.
2. Usually the number of permutation exceeds the number of combinations.
3. Each combination corresponds to many permutations.

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