Worksheet to find Weighted Mean

This worksheet may help you to know about the Weighted Mean. Weighted Mean is an average calculated by giving different weights to some of the individual values. If all the weights are equal, then the weighted mean is the same as the arithmetic mean. The weights cannot be negative. The formula used to calculate weighted mean is,

Weighted Mean Formula

Weighted Mean Formula
x is the repeating value
w is the number of occurrences of x (weight)
x̄ is the weighted mean

Weighted Mean Example

X = 5,20,40,80,100
Weighted mean = (W1X1+W2X2+W3X3+...WnXn)/(W1+W2+W3+...Wn)

Weighted mean = (5+40+120+320+500)/ (5+20+40+80+100)

Weighted mean = ( 985) /(245)

Weighted mean = 4.020408163265306

Weighted mean (rounded) = 4.0204

The above worksheet is a walk through to understand How to calculate weighted mean value for the given data. When it comes to online calculator this Weighted Mean Calculator is an essential tool to make the calculation easy.

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