Worksheet for how to find out Z Score Value

This worksheet can help you to calculate the Z score value. A key point is that calculating z requires the population mean and the population standard deviation, not the sample mean or sample deviation. If you have set of data then you have to Calculate Standard DeviationIt requires knowing the population parameters. A common name for standard score is the z-score. It is often used in statistics. The formula used to calculate Z-score is,
The Standard Score can be calculated from the following formula
Z Score Formula and calculation
x is a raw score to be standardized
µ is the mean of the population
σ is the standard deviation of the population

For Example
Find the standard score for given Random value is 9, sample mean is 5, sample standard deviation is 6
Given: X = 9, µ = 5, σ = 6
Substitute these values in the above formula,

Z = (9 - 5)/6
= 4/6
= 0.6667

Above worksheet is a walk through to understand how to calculate Z Score value for the given data set. When it comes to online calculation, this Z Score Calculator is used to calculate Z Score value.

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