Correlation Coefficient Example

The worksheet for correlation coefficient helps you to understand how to correlation coefficient. The step by step procedure explains how to perform such calculations easily.

Correlation Coefficient formula:
Correlation Coefficient Formula

Find Correlation coefficient:
Find Correlation coefficient for X and Y values are given below
X= (1,2,3,4,5)
Y= {11,22,34,43,56}

Step 1: Find Mean for X and Y

Step 2: Calculate Standard Deviation for Y inputs:






Step 3: Standard Deviation for X Inputs:







Σ((X-X)* (Y-Y)
=-2*-22.2+ -1*-11.2 + 0* 0.8 + 1 *9.8 + 2* 22.8
=44.4 +11.2+0 + 9.8 + 45.6
Correlation Coefficient=111/((5-1)*1.5811*17.5699)
Correlation Coefficient (r)=0.9989

Hence the required correlation coefficient is 0.9989

When you attempt to solve such on your own, use this correlation coefficient Calculator to verify your answers.

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